Travel video about destination Salzburg in Austria.
The Austrian city of Salzburg is a city of bishops as well as being the birthplace of world famous classical composer, Amadeus Mozart.

The cathedral is located in the heart of the city, a Baroque building situated on the same site as the city's first church and now surrounded by several squares. Even today, the cultural picture of the city on the Salzach is dominated by more than 100 churches, castles and palaces.

Hohensalzburg Castle is the largest fully-preserved medieval fortress in Middle Europe. It is located 119 metres above the city and covers over 30,000 square metres. It is like a small medieval town within itself with several buildings, courtyards and squares. Bastions with mighty towers were built at strategic points and together with powerful gates, they make the fortress near impregnable.

It is believed that during a siege ,the famous Salzburg Bull tricked the city's attackers into believing that the population had a good stock of food!

Medieval Salzburg became a 'German Rome', an Italian looking city of Early Baroque design. The Getreidegasse is the main street in the centre of the city and in former times was called, Trabengasse, a name that demonstrates the fact that the people there were always in a hurry!

The city is a work of art within itself, an historic treasure chest of timeless beauty, full of southern flair and joie de vivre. Salzburg is most definitely a Baroque gem located in the very heart of Europe.