Travel video about nature park Rocky Mountains in the USA.
The Rocky Mountains National Park is one of the most unique and impressive natural paradises in the United States Of America. It covers an area of a thousand square kilometres and was inaugurated in 1915.The picturesque Bear Lake lies within a forested area and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the park. At high altitude, several paths such as the Nature Trail lead through the lake’s natural landscape. The idyllic beauty is truly spellbinding and it is not surprising that Bear Lake is the most popular photo shot of the entire park. It was discovered that twelve thousand years ago prehistoric Indians hunted within the Rocky Mountains. The legendary culture of the Nasazi Indians originated around two thousand years ago and left its traces in what is today the national park. Alberta Falls in the south of Glacier Gorge is one of the park’s most popular sightseeing destinations where white masses of foaming water race down several levels into the valley below. The road from Glacier Gorge winds its way in a northerly direction past Glacier Basin and the eastern park entrance close to Estes Park. In this region the Rocky Mountains are at their most beautiful and the landscape in the area of Horseshoe Park is reminiscent of the exciting and colourful Wild West of old. The vast wilderness in the west of the USA has survived in the Rocky Mountains right up to the present day and is a fascinating tribute to the amazing natural world of North America.