Legendary Vacation Stories from Island of the Dolls to the Bermuda Triangle

     The Bermuda Triangle, which extends from Miami to Bermuda and Puerto Rico, first became a “thing” in the 1960s after people noted multiple mysterious disappearances in the Atlantic, including loosing U.S. Navy bombers on a training mission. While many organizations are named for the Bermuda Triangle, few have anything regarding paranormal phenomena – perhaps they don’t wish to be associated with mystery. If you’re still determined to experience the triangle itself, consider a sailing the Charleston Bermuda race, which passes straight through the triangle, or scuba diving Bimini Road, an area off Miami legend holds may be ruins of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

     Are mysterious creatures your style? There are numerous destinations that may be up your ally. The granddaddy of all is Loch Ness. found in the highlands of northern Scotland, Loch Ness is a 23 mile freshwater loch that legend says houses a giant monster, possibly a plesiosaur. Although The Favourite Nessie photo turned out to become hoax, believers still travel to the loch hoping seeing the famed creature. Another sea creature closer to home is Champ, who allegedly lives in the depths of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Land-lubbers might find the woods of Tennessee, Alaska or the Himalayas to be their calling, allegedly home to Big Foot, the Sasquatch or the Yeti.

     Want the stories of your next vacation to last a lifetime? Consider traveling to a destination with a little legend built in. Below are a few vacation spots to capture your imagination.

     Whether your legend-based vacation includes investigating a haunted site, checking out UFO rumors or trying to find a mythical monster, it’s sure to become vacation to remember.

     Isla de las Muñecas, or Island of the Dolls, is an allegedly haunted island in Mexico City’s Xochimilco. Years ago, Don Julian Santana encountered a little girl who had drowned in the river. When he later found a doll, he hung it to a tree hoping cheering the dead girl’s spirit. The man continued to find dolls and hang them on trees around the island, hoping to protect the island from evil. However, as the dolls began to deteriorate the island took on a decidedly grisly vibe. Some say that Don Julian believed the dolls he perfectly located at the river were real children he was rescuing. One day he told his son that he was hearing mermaids beckoning to him. Shortly after, he was found drowned in the river Similar to the girl that started the whole cycle. Today the island is a macabre tourist site where tourists claim to hear voices in the woods whispering to them. To visit, hire a colorful gondola called a trajinera and make sure to request a stop at the Isla de las Muñecas – not all gondoliers will stop there.

     Roswell, New Mexico. On one point, all interested parties agree: in July 1947 something happened in the fields outside Roswell. Apart from that, stories vary. The original news headline printed on July 8 read, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region.” Later, the Air Force held an interview stating that a weather balloon had crashed. Conspiracy theories have run wild ever since. Visitors can tour the Roswell UFO Museum, stop in a kitchy UFO-themed restaurant downtown or take a private tour to the original crash site and the hangar that allegedly held the rumored spaceship and alien bodies. Other UFO-themed vacations tour Sedona, Arizona, home of mysterious vortexes and the infamous Area 51 in Nevada.

Creative ways to travel with a disability

     Although it’s certainly a good ideas to have all necessary medications and supplies with you – in the original bottle with prescription information – many pharmacies allow you to temporarily transfer a prescription from one pharmacy to another. Which means if you forgot something, you can call your home pharmacy and they can likely transfer the prescription to a nearby pharmacy. Also, if you’re concerned about traveling with medications that require refrigeration you could simply transfer the prescription to grab at your destination.

     You might want to Bear in mind that what one country deems accessible might be totally different than what another country considers accessible. Sometimes you’ll find a creative solution to an accessibility issue and other times you’ll make new friends who have solutions. if you are planning ahead, keep A Balanced View and keep your sense of adventure you’re sure to get a great trip.

     Traveling is never easy. Traveling with a disability requires extra planning. Here are some ideas to make your next trip smooth sailing.

     Remember that your hotel’s concierge can help book you tours with various accommodations for instance a taxi with a wheelchair lift or museum tours with audio/visual aids. However, the reality is once you’re sight seeing you have less control – This is when creativity is key. Some travelers bring a different wheel chair (lighter with pop-off tires) and bungee chords if your chair won’t fit in the trunk. Some travelers that don’t normally require a wheel chair might benefit from renting one while on vacation. You can even rent accessible cars or hire a driver to take you in an accessible car. Many times public transportation has a special lift or a carriage ride through the park that is accessible – calling ahead can help get details in advance and book a reservation. Is there an audio tour available? What about braille guides? Also, sometimes when an older tourist attraction doesn’t have a public elevator there could be a freight elevator – it’s worth asking.

     When selecting a hotel, be sure the receptionist knows that you might want an accessible room and make sure they know which accommodations you need. Visual fire alarms or visual door knock indicators? It is possible to braille room service menu? you might want to ask if the bathrooms in particular are accessible. Does the room have a roll-in shower for travelers using wheelchairs? What about a transfer seat? you might want to make certain the elevators are large enough for a wheel chair, if necessary, especially in Europe.

     Consider booking as much as possible in advance so that you leave fewer things up to chance. Let the airline know in advance that you will be traveling with a disability. TSA has a help line and a website dedicated to travelers with disabilities and medical conditions and they address everything from diabetic travellers to travellers who have difficulty waiting in lines or have difficulty being touched. Experienced travelers recommend that travelers with disabilities arrive about an hour earlier than suggested, know your rights and be assertive – many travellers recommend bringing airline policies with you to just in case you need to reinforce your rights, including the ability to bring a guide dog or liquid medications. Just as many travellers will mark their bag with a bright ribbon for easy identification you may choose to mark your wheelchair, cane or crutches so that they’re not mixed up with the airline’s equipment. Travellers recommend keeping your own chair with you provided that possible to avoid mix-ups.

Tips for Taking Creative Vacation Photos

     First, consider what you might do to stress the unusual. Invest the the same picture facing the Grand Canyon that everyone else worldwide does, where’s the creativity? Can you try it from a new angle? Consider what the picture would look like from up high or down low. What about through a doorway? Focusing on something specific such as intricate carvings or a beautiful window can create a big difference. Another idea is to try snapping that classic monument at an unusual time of day.

     Candid shots are a fantastic way to capture what really occuring during your vacation. Sometimes the unusual backgrounds work best pictures— one favorite family photo shows two girls reading books in beach chairs with two giant port-a-potties in the background. It’s a picture who else had and made everyone smile.

     You probably have lots of pictures of your kids on the beach.

     Ah, vacation. escape it all. Sleep in. Read magazines, visit new places… and once you or two you’re ready for a challenge. For People who always want to accomplish something, even on vacation, Here are a few tips for creating the most creative vacation photos.

     Once you’ve done some candid shots, consider got going in the opposite direction with fun poses. Yes, that photo facing the with your husband trying in vain to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa can be quite a cliché, but if this describes who you are, Enjoy it. Watching the sunset on a beach? That sunset will fit right into the top of the your almost-empty ice cream cone and will make a cool picture to remember. Kids playing on the beach during the sunset? You can position them in order that the setting sun becomes a ball, and so on. Are there a bunch of statues in the town you’re visiting? Some people have posed with them to create clever pictures that turn the statue into a flirt, an anachronism using your iPhone or some different you can dream up.

     Playing with distance and perspective, you could make some fun camera illusions. Some ideas: make a helicopter and an ant look a comparable size on your drink, take a photo that seems you’re reaching up to squeeze a cloud, or that skyscraper. Maybe a giant holding a beach pail will cover your two “frightened” children… let your imagination run wild.

     One of many guidelines on how to ensure creative photos from varied perspectives? Make sure everyone on the trip has a camera, and consider giving out a prize for creative shot. You’ll have unique pictures and a holiday in remember.

     Finally, great deals of technical techniques for getting some really creative vacation photos. The Canon series of cameras has several creative filter settings – the miniature effect, for example, makes a life-sized landscape look like a miniature model train set. Explore the settings on your camera or apps available if you’re shooting on your phone. There are hundreds of possibilities for taking panoramic shots, making your photos look old fashioned or 70s style, whitening teeth – the possibilities are endless.

Cruise Holiday Tips for Smooth Sailing

     Where you cruise to on your holiday can produce a big difference in your cost as well. If you pick a popular spot, you can travel cheaper than when you purchase a less popular spot. Another consideration is whether you really care about those ports of call. If you would like to stay cruising liner and relish the luxuries, book a cruise that doesn’t stop anywhere. These “cruises to nowhere” are just as luxurious as the others but cost less.

     So where do you start when preparing a cruise holiday? First, what is your budget like? do you need to hold down expenses? Then here are several tips for economizing on your cruise holiday.

     When scheduling your cruise holiday, you ought to be aware there are off season and on season dates, and you want to schedule your trip in the off season to obtain the best deal. what you may not know, however, is that cruise lines actually change prices a variety of times throughout the year. Ask and discover when their absolute lowest season prices are. In addition, keep your plans somewhat flexible so you can change ships at the last minute. Sometimes a ship is not filled to capacity, so the cruise line will sell the previous few tickets at a real bargain. It is usually to their advantage to sail filled to capacity because people on holiday put money into souvenirs, drinks, etc. Use this knowledge to obtain a really great deal.

     To travel lighter, discover equipment that’ll be available on the ship. For instance, if the cruise line provides irons or hair dryers, you won’t need to pack yours. Also pack your own sample size shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries because these items will cost more in the gift shop. You ought to have access to laundry facilities on your cruise holiday, so you don’t need to take a large amount of clothing. Pick a wrinkle proof lightweight outfit for every 2 or 3 days and pick separates in colors that coordinate so that you can get different looks. Make sure to pack a formal and or semi-formal outfit for a moment be participating in these kinds of activities on your cruise holiday.

     To be safe on a cruise holiday, don’t take a great deal of expensive equipment or jewelry with you. make sure your passport, health insurance, and other papers depend on date. Make sure to ask about laws you may inadvertently be breaking when you are getting off the shore you are accustomed to. Laws in ports as well as the water can vary, and you sure don’t want a big hassle with a foreign law enforcement agency.

     Is anything more luxurious than taking a cruise holiday? Traveling to exotic locations on a luxury ship, catching sunrays, and breathing the salty breezes can renew and replenish anyone, regardless how shopworn from the cares of work. However, a cruise holiday requires planning so that you can be the better it can be. Check out these tips to get a cruise experience you will remember.