Nicaragua Tourism & Vacations 2018 ( HD1080p)

Nicaragua Tourism & Vacations 2018, Nicaragua Travel Vlog 2018, Nicaragua Travel Guide, Nicaragua Trip
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Nicaragua is a country in Central America. It has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea, in the east, and the North Pacific Ocean, in the west, and has Costa Rica to the southeast and Honduras to the northwest.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America with an area of 130,373km² and contains the largest freshwater body in Central America, Lago de Nicaragua (Lake Nicaragua) or Cocibolca. The capital city of Nicaragua is Managua. Roughly one quarter of the nation's population lives in the Nicaraguan capital, making it the second largest city and metropolitan area in Central America.

See in Nicaragua
Guide to Festivals and Events (NCX travel guide to festivals and events in Nicaragua), [1]. For anyone looking to get away from the tourist traps, it is advised to see some of the local festivals. You will probably be the only foreigner there. The best resource out there for that is the Guide to Festivals and Events, written in English, which details over 200+ fiestas for the year.

Do in Nicaragua
Highland Tours Location: From the Supermarket La Colonia 1.5 blocks north, Estelí. ☎ +505 83608739 Email: [email protected] Web: Thinking of visiting the Northern Highlands? Highland Tours provides transport to connect you with the North of the country as well as tours of Matagalpa, Jinotega, Estelí, Condega, Somoto. City tours, tours of the nature reserves and adventure tours all with bilingual guides and private transportation.

San Cristobal Eco Tours (Ruido Verde Eco Tour), Chichigalpa, Chinandega, ☎ (+505) 8676 4495. To anyone who is considering or planning a trip to Nicaragua's tallest Volcano San Cristóbal, you can contact Albor, a working cooperative that has been set up in the small town of Chichigalpa, which is about a 1 hour bus ride from Léon, and close to the San Cristóbal natural reserve. They provide guide services and logistics for the climb. All the guides on the tour (who speak English and Spanish) have superb knowledge of the local flora, fauna and landscape having grown up in the area. They also loved sharing the local legends and folklore stories with us. For prices, reservations or queries, call: Ernesto Ulloa at (+505) 8676 4495 or email: [email protected]; or Cristhian Velásquez at (+505) 8887 0427. On Enquiry.

Nicaragua Surf Cabin, Aseradorres, Chinandega region (30 min drive from Chinandega (a little north of Leon)), Great little rustic cabin on 2 acre plot near some awesome surfing beaches. Two free bikes to use. Inexpensive meals organized by friendly local neighbors. Practice your Spanish. Kick back and relax in this super tranquilo setting. USD8-12 (total price for cabin).

O Parks, WildLife, and Recreation (Ostional Private WildLife Reserve), El Ostional, Nicaragua (3 km South of the Military Post), ☎ +505-8-733-5989, 7am – Dusk. O Parks, WildLife, and Recreation is located 33 kilometers (20 miles) South of the cruise destination port of San Juan del Sur. It is nestled in the threatened tropical dry forests of El Ostional in Southwest Nicaragua. Designed by a retired New York City firefighter and 9/11 victim, it is claimed to be a means to "have fun saving the world".

Local Fiestas (Mana-Ahuac Hoy), ☎ 86070130, Seeing the unique festivals is reason enough to travel to Nicaragua but few visitors get a chance to experience them. Mana-Ahuac Hoy is a tour operator that specializes in connecting visitors to the one-of-a-kind fiestas patronales that happen nearly every day in the country. They take people to "locals only" villages where few tourists go to see events like the Gueguense, Gigantona, dance of the little indians, battle of the Christians vs.

Explore the rain forest of the Rio San Juan river (Reserva Silvestre Privada Montecristo), 2 km down river from Boca de Sabalos, ☎ 505 86499012, 8:00 to 5:00. Montecristo is located 45 Kilometers down river from San Carlos, in the center of activity, 2 Km from Boca de Sabalos and 7 Km from El Castillo.

Sport fishing tarpon (Montecristo River Lodge), 2 Km donw river from Boca de Sabalos.

Mombacho Volcano, Mombacho Nature Reserve (12 kms south of Granada), Hikes, nature at it finest….giant trees, monkeys, birds….. zip lines, a coffee finca with tours of the processing facility. Do all or any of that in the cool lush vegetation of the forest.

Community Tourism, South slope of Mombacho Volcano (13 kms south of Granada), ☎ +50588969361, Visit one of UCAs rural communities and support the locals with their tourism projects.

Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia Vacation and Tourism HD

Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia Vacation and Tourism HD
World Travel
Turkey Travel, Vacation
Explore Turkey on this Grand Circle Travel European guided tour and visit Istanbul's historic sites, including the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Along the way, you'll find where East greets West as you see the ancient treasures of Izmir, Cappadocia, and Ephesus.

Turkey Travel Guide, Vacation, Tourism HD

View our video to follow in the footsteps of our travelers as they discover the Crossroads of Turkey, from ancient ruins to modern wonders. Join us in this historic land to discover:

Roman ruins in Ephesus and Hierapolis
Pristine thermal pools in Pamukkale
Istanbul's Hagia Sophia and more

Travel to the Crossroads of Turkey to discover the vestiges of thousand-year old civilizations, unreal natural beauty, and proud modern traditions. Watch our video to learn more about what's included:

14 included tours such as Cappadocia
35 meals including a Home-Hosted Lunch
5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Day by Day Itinerary

East greets West on this comprehensive tour of Turkey that embraces the many facets of this diverse nation. Experience the exotic allure of Istanbul at the monumental Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Enter the fascinating underground dwellings in Cappadocia. And explore some of the oldest—and best-preserved—ruins of ancient empires along the deeply carved Turquoise Coast, including those in beautiful Antalya and fascinating Ephesus. Throughout your European guided tour, your Turkish Program Director provides insights as only a native can, drawing back the curtain to reveal the drama of everyday life in both bustling cities and tiny villages.
Istanbul • Canakkale • Izmir • Pamukkale • Antalya • Cappadocia • Ankara Vacation and Tourism
River Cruise, Small Ship Cruise, Land Tour Videos, Grand Circle, Turkey Travel Guide, Turkey Vacation, Turkey Tourism, Crossroads of Turkey, Istanbul, Canakkale, Izmir, Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia, Ankara, European Guided Tour, Grand Circle Travel, see Istanbul, Canakkale, Istanbul's historic sites

Troodos (Cyprus) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about Troodos in Cyprus.
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean that, due to its proximity to the Holy Land, was one of the first countries in which Christianity was introduced. With their well-preserved churches, the Troodos Mountains are located in the heart of the country. This remote and inaccessible area was soon a refuge for persecuted Christians and a safe place for threatened treasures such as revered religious icons. In Pedoulas, a small village in the Marathasa region, is the Archangel Michael Church that dates back to the fifteenth century. From the outside it looks like a barn but inside are a number of colourful Byzantine wall paintings including Saint Georg Diasoritis on his white horse with flowing cape, decorated shield and spear. Troodos is a low-lying mountain range with many hills and forests and within its centre is the largest and wealthiest monastery on the island, Kykkos, which is located some distance from the nearest village and is situated at an altitude of one thousand one hundred and forty metres above sea level on the mountain of the same name. The entire monastery complex looks like a fortress but beyond its somewhat severe exterior are two inner courtyards with colonnades on each level. Its wealth and fame stems from an icon of Mother Mary that is stored within the monastery’s church. The large village of PalaichorI contains the Metamorfosis Tou Sotirou Church which is situated amid a vineyard and towers over the village, with stunning views. Byzantine art, archaeological monuments and World Heritage churches, all of this is to be found in Troodos, a concentration of priceless treasures of world culture contained within a relatively small area that is probably unique in the world. In Troodos, a tumultuous past and a glorious history accompanied the guardians of both faith and tradition in their quest for peace.

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Frankfurt – Germany Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation

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Frankfurt – Germany Travel Guide
Frankfurt travel guide, Frankfurt , Germany, Tourism, Vacation, Tourism in Frankfurt, Tourism in Germany

Germany's fifth largest city, Frankfurt am Main is the nation's economic powerhouse, as well as being a highly regarded cultural centre.

Located in the middle of the highly productive Rhine-Main region, right at the centre of Europe, the city is the financial heart not only of Germany, but also of the European Union.

The modern skyscrapers of banks and big business in the central business district are potent symbols of Frankfurt's economic strength and create a skyline that is more North American than European in aspect — indeed, the city is often dubbed 'Mainhattan'.

Most of Frankfurt's visitors come for one of the numerous trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses. But Frankfurt has another side. As the birthplace of Germany's most revered writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), the city is at pains to impress with its cultural pedigree. Excellent museums, high-calibre performance groups and local festivals tempt too.

Frankfurt History

A settlement since at least 3000BC, and settled by the Romans, as the name of the Römer district implies, Frankfurt am Main, to give it its full name and differentiate it from Frankfurt and der Oder in the east of the country, has been Germany's financial centre for centuries.

Frankfurt's long history of commerce stems from its central geographical location on the Main River and the Frankfurt Messe (fair). The Messe has been going since the 12th century and the city received its official Imperial privilege to hold an annual trade fair 100 years later.

The Frankfurt Börse (stock exchange) began trading in the late 16th. If Frankfurt's political aspirations were dashed by the choice of Bonn as capital of the Federal Republic in 1949, the city has directed its post-war energies all the more wholeheartedly into its uncontested financial role.

Frankfurt has been subject to the deprivations of war on numerous occasions, notably during the Napoleonic Wars, when it was seized and occupied by the French on several occasions. And it was severely bombed during WWII, action that resulted in the almost complete destruction of the city's medieval centre — hence its present mainly modern architecture.

However, a number of old buildings in the Römerberg area were reconstructed in their original style, as was the cathedral.

In latter years, Frankfurt has become a remarkably cosmopolitan city — it's estimated that people of 180 different nationalities live and work there. It has large Turkish, Korean and Sri Lankan communities among these.

Weather in Frankfurt

Best time to visit:

Frankfurt's climate is generally mild and well balanced with warm, occasionally wet days in summer, with temperatures sometimes reaching 30°C (90°F) and more, and chilly winter days, when temperatures range between -10°C (14°F) and 10°C (40°F).

Rhodes Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Rhodes Greece.
According to legend the Colossus Of Rhodes once towered above the picturesque harbour of Rhodes, a Greek island located off the south west coast of Asia Minor. The huge statue was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Under the rule of the Knights of the Order of St. John, the Palace Of The Grand Masters, that is located next to the Knight's Hospital, was the most important building on the island for more than two hundred years. The Palace Of The Grand Masters was not only the administrative centre of the Order of St. John, it was also of great social importance. Many years previously the Knights' Road was the most important street in the medieval city and it was there that most of the Knights and Orders resided. Marble reliefs depicting the knights' coats of arms adorn the impressive and proud facades of the buildings. Ever since the Knights of the Order of St. John took over the city Rhodes has been dominated by various towers. Most of them were used for defensive purposes while others are the remains of Turkish occupation. When the sun sets above the Aegean, Rhodes is revealed in all of its magical and historic glory.

Oslo – Norway Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation

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Oslo – Norway Tourism, Travel Guide
Oslo – Norway Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation
Eclectic architecture showing off the legendary Scandinavian flair for design, a buzzing party scene and a wealth of top-class museums and galleries have made Oslo Norway's cultural capital as well as its political one. With its late-night shopping, crowded cafés and restaurants, and theatres playing to full houses, Oslo has a self-assured and vibrant feel perfect for a city break. But don't be fooled by the cosmopolitan atmosphere; Oslo's suburbs are forested, semi-rural gems where hiking, swimming and even skiing are on offer.

One of the best ways to approach Oslo is by sea, with the journey taking you along scenic fjords where fishing boats jostle with cruise liners and luxury yachts. Located at the end of the 110km-long (70 miles) Oslofjord, Norway's municipal hub is one of the few cities where you can sail, ski and skate to your heart's content just a short distance from the city centre. As you float past luscious green islands and towering rocky outcrops, the city unfolds before your eyes – sprawling out from its compact centre around the quays to the forested flanks of the surrounding hills.

Made all the more beautiful by its diversity, Oslo boasts a jumble of modern and ancient buildings that give the city an eclectic feel, with the steel-and-glass Munch Museum giving way to the old-fashioned charms of the City Museum and the craggy medieval walls of the Akershus Fortress, which glowers out over the fjord.

To the north, the heavily wooded Nordmarka district has myriad fishing, blueberry-picking and walking opportunities, and there's a good chance you'll see some of the local wildlife such as lynx, roe deer, beavers and moose while strolling along one of the area's many trails. In the southern borough of Frogner, the Vigelandsparken (Vigeland Sculpture Park) is an unmissable blend of wide open space and the stunning (if surreal) creations of Gustav Vigeland, a modernist sculptor who holds a special place in Norwegian art history.

Equally wonderful is the National Museum, which is home to Norway's most famous painting, The Scream, and the futuristic new Opera House in Bjørvika. Along with the visual arts, cultural life in Oslo is awash with literary gems — not altogether surprising given that the Norwegian capital is the birthplace of celebrated playwright, Henrik Ibsen. A trip to the spectacular rococo building that houses Norway's National Theatre to see Hedda Gabler in the original language and setting is a treat that's not to be missed.

Evenings in Oslo are characterised by the bustling crowds as the locals apply themselves to enjoyment with as much dedication as they do to business. The capital's thriving restaurant scene has seen it rewarded with four Michelin stars, although (somewhat surprisingly) you don't have to spend a fortune to eat well. The Grünerløkka district is close to the Munch Museum and is teeming with bustling little pavement cafés where you can buy a slap-up supper for reasonable prices. A thriving, truly vibrant city, the cosmopolitan heart of Norway really does have something for everyone.
Oslo, Oslo Tourism, Oslo Vacation, Oslo Travel Guide, Oslo Hotels, Oslo Attractions, Oslo Museums, Oslo Restaurants, Oslo Shopping, Oslo tours, Oslo Transport, Europe, Norway , Norway Tourism, Norway Vacation, Norway Travel Guide == Oslo – Norway Tourism, Vacation, Travel Guide, Attractions

Maldives tourism VIP and budget vacation Мальдивы российский туризм vip и бюджетный отдых

Maldives Russian tourism. How to pay for the tourists vacation in the Maldives. What prices Resort (hotel), cafes and shops in the Maldives. How to organize an independent budget travelers in the Maldives.
Мальдивы российский туризм. Сколько платят туристы за отдых на Мальдивских островах. Какие цены резортах (отелях), кафе и магазинах на Мальдивах. Как организовать самостоятельное бюджетное путешествие на Мальдивы.
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Germany, Poland, Hungary, Budapest Tourism and Vacation HD

Germany, Poland, Hungary, Budapest Tourism – Vacation
World Travel
Eastern Europe Tourism
When you travel to Eastern Europe with Grand Circle Travel, peer behind the former Iron Curtain as you journey from Germany to Hungary. Find a vibrant world with its own deeply ingrained character and a 2,000-year-old cultural heritage that bridges the gap between East and West.

In our video, see travelers explore Warsaw and share dinner with a Polish family. While traveling through Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, you can:

Walk in Mozart's footsteps in Prague
Visit the Royal Castle in Warsaw
See historic squares in Warsaw & Krakow

View our video and see the unique character and centuries-old traditions of nations once cloistered behind the former Iron Curtain:

Discover Sychrov Castle near Prague
Tour rebuilt districts in Berlin & Warsaw
Cruise the Danube River in Budapest

Day by Day Itinerary

When you travel to Eastern Europe, you'll peer behind the former Iron Curtain and find a region and people who are an integral part of contemporary European life. This is a vibrant world with its own deeply ingrained character and a 2,000-year-old cultural heritage that bridges the gap between the East and West. We've built into your Eastern European itinerary rare opportunities for you to meet the people where they live, work, and play. Dine in the home of a Polish family, meet with the son of an Auschwitz survivor, and learn about Hungary's political past and present during a discussion with a university professor.
River Cruise, Small Ship Cruise, Land Tour Videos, Grand Circle, Travel to Eastern Europe, Best of Eastern Europe, Grand Circle Travel, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Royal Castle in Warsaw, Warsaw, Krakow, Sychrov Castle, Prague, Danube River, Budapest

Akumal Tourism and Travel – Top 10 Vacation Destination – YouTube

Akumal on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. You can stay right in Akumal in a variety of hotels or there's homes and condo's to rent, alternatively if you are staying in any of a number of all inclusive resorts in the Playa Del Carmen/Playacar area or nearby, a short taxi ride and you can be snorkeling with sea turtles all day.

Love this place and would definitely put it on the Top 10 Vacation Destination in the Caribbean.

music by Artist: Carlos & Miguel Title: Josepha
music by Artist: Carlos & Miguel Title: Mondial paix
music by Artist: Carlos & Miguel Title: Nostalgia

San Diego – California – USA Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation

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San Diego, California, USA Travel Guide
San Diego – California – USA Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation
Sun, surf and exquisite scenery are the qualities most visitors seek in San Diego. Nestled in the southern-most corner of California's coastline, the city is blessed with sun and temperate weather year round. Pristine beaches and blooming gardens are among the unique characteristics of this city.

Attractions like SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park incorporate San Diego's casual, outdoor lifestyle in their exhibits, and a laid-back air prevails everywhere. Suntanned, barefoot, bikini-clad surfers and sun lovers fill the city, especially in Ocean, Mission and Pacific beaches, just three of many seaside towns along San Diego's 112 km (70 mile) long coastline. Long stretches of sand are filled with sunbathers who wander to the surf shops, coffee houses and cafes that represent the heart and soul of the Southern California lifestyle.

Historic downtown communities like the Gaslamp Quarter and Little Italy are now centres for dining, nightlife and the arts. Downtown has grown to incorporate eight distinctive neighborhoods and is the epicentre for all that's cool and hip in San Diego.

Music is an integral part of San Diego's heritage and popularity. Budding musicians in all genres develop their talents at San Diego clubs, while well-known acts perform on outdoor stages and intimate indoor venues all around town. Home to dozens of cultural organisations, writers' guilds and artist co-operatives, San Diego is one of Southern California's most important centres for the arts.

In addition, thanks to its history of Spanish missionaries here, Spanish influences remain strong to this day, especially as San Diego is barely an hour's drive from the border with Mexico. The evidence of this inextricable connection with its Hispanic beginnings is everywhere, in the mix of Spanish and English used in local slang and in the regional cuisine.

San Diego, the eighth largest city in the USA, is far more than one single city; it is a patchwork of cultures, neighbourhoods and small, uniquely defined communities – the epitome of the American melting pot. Many travellers come here just to bask in the warmth and experience a Southern California paradise.
San Diego , San Diego travel guide, San Diego Tourism, San Diego Vacation, San Diego Tours, San Diego Hotels, San Diego Attractions, San Diego Museums, San Diego Restaurants, San Diego Shopping, United States of America, California, USA, Tourism, Travel Guide, Vacation, Tourism in USA, Travel Guide California, Vacation California

Brazil Amazon Travel and Tourism Video

For more information about travel and tourism, and custom travel vacation packages to the Brazilian Amazon visit

Amsterdam – Netherlands Tourism, Travel Guide, Vacation, Attractions

World Travel
Amsterdam – Netherlands Tourism
Amsterdam – Netherlands Tourism, Travel Guide, Vacation, Attractions
The 'I amsterdam City Card' offers tourists the use of public transport, free or reduced admission to many of the city's museums, a voucher booklet for discounts on several attractions and restaurants, a full-colour pocket guide and a free canal boat trip. Valid for one, two or three days, the card is available for purchase from VVV Amsterdam tourist offices and GVB ticket offices, as well as several hotels.
Amsterdam Museum

Housed in a former orphanage that dates from 1524, the museum is filled with paintings, prints and archaeological finds that illustrate how Amsterdam grew from a small medieval town into a modern city. The entrance fee to the museum includes access to a glass-roofed 'street' lined with 15 massive group portraits of the Amsterdam Civic Guards. Just below the museum is the Begijnhof, a peaceful enclosed square ringed by brick houses dating from as early as the 14th century. It traditionally housed the Beguines, unmarried Catholic women who wanted to serve God but chose not to become nuns.
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 1000-1700, Sat-Sun 1100-1700.
Admission Fees: Yes.
Disabled Access: Yes
Unesco: No
Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 357, Amsterdam, Netherlands


After a £375 million, 10-year-long renovation project, the largest and most popular museum in the Netherlands reopens on 13 April 2013. Established in 1885, the museum showcases a collection of masterpieces with the seminal works of Dutch giants Rembrandt (The Night Watch) and Johannes Vermeer (The Milk Maid). The artwork spanning over 8,000 works has been reorganised across three floors in chronological order with clever use of lighting and space, showcases made with non-reflecting glass and muted grey walls to minimise distraction from the galleries. Restored to its former glory with modern aesthetics, this surely ranks as one of the world's greatest museums.
Opening Times: Sat-Thur 0900-1800, Fri 0900-2030.
Admission Fees: Yes
Disabled Access: Yes
Unesco: No
Address: Jan Luijenstraat 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anne Frank Huis (Anne Frank House)

The small, but highly, popular Anne Frank House annually attracts up to 1 million visitors per year; expect lengthy queues. It is the historic home where Anne Frank, her family and four other Jewish people hid from the occupying Germans during WWII, after fleeing their native Germany. Finally caught by the Nazis after two years in hiding, they were taken off to concentration camps, where Anne eventually died. However, her father survived and published her diary, which takes pride of place here.
Opening Times: Daily from 0900 until 1900-2200 depending on time of year.
Admission Fees: Yes.
Disabled Access: Yes
Unesco: No
Address: Prinsengracht 267, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hermitage Amsterdam

Housed in the historic Amstelhof, this recently opened museum is a sibling of its namesake in St Petersburg. The main permanent collection focuses on artistic and cultural links between Russia and the Netherlands, with exhibits brought in from St Petersburg. There are also a wide range of temporary exhibitions, as well as a section on the heritage of the historic home of the museum itself.
Opening Times: Thurs-Tues 1000-1700, Wed 1000-2000.
Admission Fees: Yes
Disabled Access: Yes
Unesco: No
Address: Amstel 51, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Shopping, Amsterdam Attractions, Amsterdam Hotels, Netherlands Tourism, Netherlands, Netherlands Travel Guide, Netherlands Vacation, Netherlands Attractions, Amsterdam Tourism, Amsterdam Travel Guide, Amsterdam Vacation, Amsterdam Attractions, Amsterdam

Restaurants in Cairo – Egypt Tourism and Vacation

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Cairo – Egypt Travel Guide
Restaurants in Cairo – Egypt Tourism and Vacation

Many of the better Cairo restaurants, frequented by locals as well as visitors, are found in the international hotels. Food in Egypt is cheap, so you will rarely have to pay more than US$35 for a three-course meal (without wine). Imported drinks are considerably more expensive than the local version. Tax and tips are added to the prices listed on the restaurant and can bump the bill up by 20-25%.

The restaurants below have been listed alphabetically and classed into four different pricing categories:
Expensive (over US$40)
Moderate (US$25 to US$40)
Cheap (up to US$25)
These prices include a three-course meal for one, excluding drinks and tip.

The Moghul Room
Price: Expensive
Thought to be Egypt's finest Indian restaurant, and located in the Mena House Oberoi hotel overlooking the Pyramids, the cuisine is North Indian, with kebabs and rich, creamy curries a speciality. Décor is traditional Indian, with classical musicians playing nightly.

Address: Pyramids Road, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

The Fish Market
Price: Expensive
This busy, unpretentious restaurant is located on a huge boat on the Nile, spread over two floors, with fish delivered directly from the port of Alexandria. Choose from the catch of the day laid out on ice slabs, with prices per kilo clearly marked, from red mullet to sea bass and Alaskan King crab, which will then be grilled or fried. Good value set meals. Reservations recommended.

Address: Sharia el Nil, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Revolving Restaurant
Price: Expensive
The view of the sunset from the Grand Hyatt's 40th floor cocktail lounge is surpassed only by the restaurant a floor above, with Cairo spread out at your feet like a tapestry of light. Suitable for a romantic intimate dinner for two, with tables set around a central platform, the restaurant offers inspiring French haute cuisine.

Address: Grand Hyatt, Corniche el Nil, Garden City, Egypt

Abou El Sid
Price: Moderate
Hugely popular, this high-ceilinged space is all about dappled shadows, wooden tables with muted murals and tables full of meze. This is the place to enjoy traditional Egyptian dishes like molokkia — a stew named after a bitter green vegetable used in the dish with meat (usually rabbit) and served with rice. Check for minimum charge.

Address: 157 26 July St, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Khan El-Khalili Restaurant & Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop
Price: Moderate
In the middle of the sprawling market streets, this traditional coffee shop is named after Egypt's Nobel prize-winning novelist, who set many of his works in this area. Traditional musicians play most evenings; try for a table in the front section. It serves traditional Egyptian cuisine but you could just come for a juice and fabulous Om Ali, the national's beloved dessert – a rich pudding made from sweet bread, dried fruit, nuts and cream.

Address: 5 El Baddistan Lane, Khan al-Khalili, Cairo, Egypt

Price: Moderate
It's not renowned for culinary excellence, but the location and chic décor can't be beaten. Join Cairo's young fashionable crowd, sink into white sofas, choose meze or even sushi, as the breeze from the Nile cools your brow. There's even a menu of fruity sheesha pipes. Unbeatable on summer nights. Minimum charge at weekends; reservations essential.

Address: 53 Abu El Feda, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Maison Thomas
Price: Cheap
If you're crying out for a slice of pizza or a thick sandwich of cold cuts, this Italian-style bistro chain is a real institution. Good for kids and party goers, it's open 24 hours, and as good for a full evening meal as a coffee and slab of chocolate cake.

Address: 157 26 July St, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Abou Tarek
Price: Cheap
The best place to sample the traditional dish koshary — a mix of rice, lentils, pasta and fried onions — this is the place for an informal fill up where diners eat on tin plates. Filled with locals.
Address: Egypt

The Greek Club
Price: Cheap
This friendly oasis in busy Downtown offers informal dinner in a cavernous dining room with huge tables. Choose from the reasonably-priced menu for Greek-influenced Egyptian dishes, plus ouzo and local drinks if you fancy a tipple. A good mix of people. Minimum charge; small membership fee.

Address: 3 Sharia Mahmoud Bassiouni, off Midan Talaat Harb (above Groppis), Cairo, Egypt
Restaurants in Cairo, Tourism, Egypt, The Moghul Room, Fish Market, Revolving Restaurant, Abou El Sid, Coffee Shop, Cairo travel guide, Cairo Attractions, Cairo Hotels,Cairo Restaurants,Tourism in Egypt, Vacation Egypt, Giza, Pyramids, Cairo Museum

Madrid – Spain Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation

Madrid – Spain Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation
World Travel
Madrid – Spain Travel Guide, Tourism
Madrid is one of Europe's most dynamic cities. Lively, cosmopolitan and buzzing, it has all the trappings of an attractive, modern capital. But at the same time, the legacy of its rich and complex history, dominated by Royals and once the centre of the Spanish empire, is visible everywhere. The Royal Palace, grand places and buildings, enormous cathedrals and churches are bountiful in Madrid.

The financial and political core of Spain, Madrid is still home to the Royal Family as well as the extraordinary cultural riches of the Golden Triangle – the Prado housing the likes of all of the great Spanish artists such as Goya, Ribera, Velázquez, Zurbarán, Raphael, Rubens, Titian, and Van Dyck; Reina Sofía, housing modern art, and Thyssen-Bornemisza, a first class gallery of classical art are amongst the best museums of their kind in the world.

The labyrinthine streets of the medieval quarter contrast with the grand boulevards, laid out in the 18th and 19th centuries when Madrid began to take on the trappings of a modern capital. Meanwhile, in recent years, the downtown barrios have been transformed — shops, bars and galleries have popped up on the ground floors of numerous buildings. Sipping a drink at one of the outdoor terrazas is a great thing to do when the first signs of spring appear.

Each of Madrid's neighbourhood is distinctive – Lavapiés, Malasaña and Chueca being the oldest. Many visitors get to know the central area, between the Palacio Real and the Puerta del Sol, Madrid's 'mile zero'. It's only a short walk from here to Madrid's main street, the Gran Vía. At the northern end of the Paseo de la Castellana are the 'leaning towers' of the Puerta de Europa (Gateway of Europe). It's worth walking down from the Plaza Mayor lined with arcaded shops through Los Austrias — also known these days as La Latina. The area has become fashionable in recent years, so there are plenty of trendy cafés alongside the traditional bars.

And when it comes to nightlife, the city is one of the best in Europe. Madrid claims to boast the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and Madrileños have been known to stay up until as late as 7am. Apart from the superb tapas bars and clubs, there is also flamenco; the best place to catch a show is at the renowned Corral de la Moreria, where tables are squeezed together and where the peformances are thrilling.

When you want to escape the urban bustle, head to El Retiro Park where you can take a rowing boat out on a peaceful, glassy lake or enjoy a picnic in the extensive shaded woods. Alternatively, head to the newly rejuvenated riverfront known as the Madrid Río, a tranquil 10km-long (6 miles) thread of pedestrian and biking paths complete with a beach, orchard, playgrounds, viewpoints, bridges and historical monuments.

The project has helped to transform the city amid an era of global recession and symbolises its growing confidence, encapsulated further by its plucky bid to host the 2020 Olympics, despite failing to do so in 2012 and 2016. Perhaps Madrid's dogged refusal to give up and look forward are a sign of brighter things to come.
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Petra Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Petra in Jordan.
Hidden amid the Wadi Musa, the Valley Of Moses in South Jordan, is one of the most fascinating and mysterious ruins on Earth, the legendary rock city of Petra. A desert tribe, the Nabateans, once established a settlement in the shelter of the rocks and founded a splendid royal city that has survived to the present day.For many centuries their sanctuaries and dwellings that had been carved into the rock fell into oblivion until they were later rediscovered. Several ancient paths lead through one of the most fascinating metropolis’ of ancient times and a seemingly hostile desert world of rock yet full of the fascinating remains a legendary people. Before the Nabateans built this splendid rock city within the desert they first had to organise a supply of water. With great technical skill they succeeded in diverting the water from distant springs along the walls of narrow canyons and into the city. Even today Petra has a unique and magical atmosphere and both the local Bedouin tribes as well as those who visit cannot fail but be impressed by it. The legendary rock town of the Nabateans provides a remarkable insight into a bygone epoch of the Near East that continues to be full of historic mystique.